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Cheesehead Limo: An Investment in Safety for Your Prom Night

As prom night is quickly approaching, there is an air of excitement within the halls of high schools across the state. Your peers are beginning to dream up plans for that weekend. You’re saving up your pay to get your tickets. You’ve been to every local and not-so-local store every weekend in order to find that perfect outfit for you, and the perfect shoes to match! But, have you considered who’s driving?


Stay safe on prom and homecoming night.  Hire a limo to take you to and from the dance.Renting a limousine as prom transportation will ensure 3 important staples for the evening that high school students and their parents can actually agree upon:

  • Safety
  • Affordability
  • and Fun!

Your prom night does not have to break the bank!

While no one can put a price on safety, hiring a limousine is a very smart investment for your prom night. Sharing the rental price with others in the group can make hiring a party bus easily affordable! As the premier limousine company in Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin, Milwaukee County Cheesehead Limo has a fleet of six, eight, ten-passenger stretch limousines and fifteen-passenger party bus limos. And why not a party bus!? The party bus option will ensure that you and 14 of your BFFs get to prom safely, in style, and still have dollars to spare.

A Split the Cost Scenario:

You + 14 of your closest friends + Milwaukee County Cheesehead party bus for 5 hours = $550 (tax included). Adding in a 20% gratuity for your chauffeur, the amount is less than $45 per person!

Also, if you’re renting Milwaukee County Cheesehead party bus for less time, say for three hours, then that total price will be less than $20 per person. (Click here for more rates.)

Whether it’s a stretch limo or party bus, it will be an absolutely excellent addition to your Facebook posts!

Listen to the songs that makes YOU happy!

You provide the music, and Milwaukee County Cheesehead drivers will hook you up. Just bring along your iPods, iPhones, MP3 players, or just some CDs! Milwaukee County Cheesehead Limousine limousines and buses have surround sound speakers, connectors, and CD players. Each party bus has with a television and cool color changing fiber-optic lighting inside the passenger seating area. Click here to check out our party bus videos.

Number 1 is safety, always!

The typical prom attendees are high school seniors as well as being new drivers. Driving a 2 ton car can be risky venture, and new drivers are always learning each time they start up the engine. Learning to drive is a thrilling experience in life, but this responsibility should never be taken lightly. “Statistics show that 16- and 17-year-old driver death rates increase with each additional passenger. Of fatal crashes, 82% of them are caused by drunk drivers. Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens, and about a quarter involve an underage drinking driver.” (Sources: U.S. Drunk Driving Statistics; Do Something.Org; Zero In Wisconsin.) While stats like these may have never crossed your mind until now, you can rest assured that these have crossed the minds of your guardians.


At Milwaukee County Cheesehead Limousine, our responsible drivers are ready to drive you to and from one of the most significant events of your young lives—be it the prom, homecoming, or graduation. Providing safe transportation since 1995, Milwaukee County Cheesehead Limo vehicles and staff are properly licensed and insured as per the specific standards set by the state of Wisconsin’s transit authority.


Hiring a limo bus for prom transportation is safe, fun, and it sure beats driving yourself or having a mom or dad take you. Limousines are in high demand for prom season, so encourage that you hire yours in advance. For Milwaukee County Cheesehead Limo for prices and reservations, contact Jesse today at 414-688-5216, or visit us online at www.cheeseheadlimo.com.

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